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Quirks & Other Things

You May Not Have Known About Hally

  • Wrote first sex story at 16

  • Wrote first short story at 13

  • Used to write poetry to order in high school

  • Practices Stretch & Flexibility Training

  • Did Karate & Kickboxing for a number of years

  • Trained for Natural Body Building Competition

  • Was a Professional Dancer

  • Learned (from a book) bridges and basic gymnastics at 13, then later took up gymnastics at 23

  • Learned dancing at 16 and went onto auditions (with success) 10 months later

  • Trekked in Nepal & saw the sunrise over Annapurna

  • Is a Justice of the Peace

  • Accredited Fitness Instructor & Aromatherapist

  • Fluent in German (first language)

  • Some ability in French and Hebrew

  • Completed Level 1 Latin

  • Used to do DOS Programming & design databases

  • Used to be called "Teledex" due to an ability to remember numbers

  • Has a collection of Dr Martens

  • Has a number of tattoos

  • Avid Photographer

  • Learned Graphic Design

  • Avid Garden Designer

  • Can Communicate with Animals and Plants

  • Highly intuitive, gifted & uses all the "Clairs" to ESP that exist

  • Has had several near death experiences

  • Can actually  remove demon possessions & sort out paranormal issues

  • Has extensive knowledge of metaphysics, witchcraft, cults, & everything in between way beyond what is on Google - (Known as "The Sage")

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