The Hard Truth

It is no secret that domestic violence, and bullying as it were, are on the increase.

While there are, verging on, extensive campaigns of awareness, this has not had any impact on the issue. The social reaction still impedes the victim by accusing them of being weak, while the perpetrator is considered, in some cases, as the victim. Ironic, but unfortunately true. As such, the cycle continues.

The fact is this violence occurs irrelevant of age, ethnicity, social standing, sexual orientation, etc, which indicates that it is not directly associated with these potential areas. The question then is - what is this all about if not for that?

In short - control. Whether in the form of being territorial, having ownership or self entitlement. Keeping in mind that this is extremely simplifying a very complex area. There are extensive considerations and layers to this that may fit under the umbrella but can also vary in other ways. As such, these factors impact how each situation is treated by the individual(s), whether it is deemed to have validity to come under this umbrella including reporting the situation or realising that it is actually abuse that is occurring, and the list goes on.

The question to ask is, as this subject area is no secret, most know of at least one person that has been a victim to some extent, if not themselves, so why does nothing change? Fear? Options? Forced acceptance?

If someone you loved - be it your daughter, son, sister, brother, mother or father - and they were a victim - what would you do? Would you do anything? Whatever your answer is, consider this on a much bigger scale - i.e. in Australia. For there to be any real change, awareness alone will not be enough. Telling and sharing the horrific stories will not be enough.

Whether you admit it or not - this can happen to you, if it hasn't already and you haven't realised that it has. Consider these implications because this is where we start.

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