Focusing on Values

I mentioned values in the previous post. While values are touched on, there really is not much focus put on them.

There is plenty of mention on beliefs, but not values. Yet, the basis of beliefs are based on values. The irony. Often what happens is that your beliefs do not align to our values which causes the beliefs to work against you and this is where that internal chatterbox conflict occurs. One voice saying one thing and then being completely contradicted by the other. You know the one I mean.

Now, the aim is to align the beliefs to your core values and this then creates one voice and balances the chatterbox to doing what it is supposed to. Simply warn, pay attention and create choices.

The interesting part about values, specifically core values, is that this is one thing within each person that will never change. It is the only fundamental, consistent aspect. Beliefs can change, bodies can change, opinions can change, habits can change and programming can change however, core values never change. This is why some people seem like they are the same from years ago when really, there has been change, just not to their values.

Core values - what is this all about? Values are the intangibles including: love, compassion, integrity, respect, passion, trust, loyalty, honesty and so forth. There are some parts in you that are paramount. Consider what must be present in your relationships for you to be invested. This is all based on your values.

When talking about core values - these are the ones that are unwavering. They have always been there and will never dissipate. Over time other values can be added but the core will always remain. In understanding your core values, it provides amazing insight into who you are, why you behave a particular way or react to situations. This is also where you start to find balance. Whatever you plan to do must align to your values otherwise your heart will not be in it. In other words, it will be forced and short lived.

Consider making a list of your top three values and notice where in your life these are present and where they are not. Notice the difference of what happens and how you feel when this occurs.

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