Dealing with Conflict

What is fascinating is how in such a changing world there are many things that never really change. The fears, the insecurities, the "reasons" to procrastinate through to the obvious betrayal for the purpose of boosting an ego.

For what reason does this become the precedent to being honest?

There is no big secret in how to deal with difficult people; those that cannot listen, or those that talk a lot but say nothing in the opportunity of action. Yes, these are young souls, somewhat lost and trying to find their way. But is this reason enough to be acceptable?

The simple answer is no. But that does not mean conflict or retaliation is necessary.

Step back, be open and genuine about the emotions that are being felt (all of them) and reflect upon what this situation, or relationship, is really about. Is it insignificant enough to walk away from, or is the bigger picture something that requires patience and tolerance to eventually benefit all?

From a change of perspective to complete honesty in yourself, acknowledge the situation and re-enforce the purpose; the "why" which will assist in finding a constructive way forward.

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