It is commonly stated that you must forgive others for what they have done to you. However, have you ever noticed that somehow that does not seem to make any difference - really?

This is because forgiveness, like most other things, must start with you.

Until you are ready to forgive yourself then that connection to the event which occurred will continue to be present right now. Additionally, it is not simply forgive and that is it. It is a matter of being ready, which means that enough healing has taken place to release the emotional bond with that event. It is not always simple and can take years to release.

The interesting part with forgiveness is that there are some circumstances that occur in life that can never be forgiven.

Let's start with other's actions. Whether this is due to a traumatic event or a situation that today still burns your heart from what that person did to you. There is no need to forgive them because, simply, there are somethings in life that are, and always will be, unforgivable. What is important with this is acknowledging that this is the case. Also, recognise that it is not about that particular person per se, it is about that situation or event. It is this that is not being forgiven.

Now, when it comes to you - this can also occur. There may be a situation that you believe you should have known about, that after taking retrospect into account, you should have and could have handled this differently. While logic will tell you that it was not your fault and it was impossible to foresee, even for the psychic (remember being human - this impacts even the best psychic) on events that are close to the heart. Yet, no matter what, you cannot forgive yourself.

To compound this, the situation could have cost you dearly - in emotion, financially and otherwise, and because this is still continuing, there is a resistance and refusal to forgive yourself for, in no better terms, being stupid.

What this actually means - is not that you are stupid - it simply means that you are not ready to forgive yourself. This is okay. It demonstrates how hurt you were and still are, but eventually, you will be able to. For now, it serves a purpose as you are healing and be honest about. Be honest that you are human, you have a heart and soon, you will be ready to forgive and release what was.

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