Logic vs Emotion

There is a view point, one that has long been held steadfast, is that logic surpasses emotion. That having a logical, rational mind with the ability to reason far outweighs that of a person with a mind of creative, emotional expression.

The irony being that those who utilise their creative emotion across a multitude of areas tend to have a higher intelligence level, develop greater brain capacity, better coping strategies, relationships and have, throughout history, been pivotal to the shaping of the world we live in today. Da Vinci and Tesla being two good examples. The aim is not to be without emotion or control emotion. This will only become detrimental and result in anxiety and most commonly depression. Nor is the goal to be only logical and void of feeling empathy or connection. A rational mind can be beneficial, however, it is greatly limited by logic in itself.

The ideal is to balance both the emotion with logic. The balancing of the right and left brain in no better terms. To do this, emotion cannot be frowned upon as weak or annoying or uncontrollable. Emotions are essential in being human and within the human experience. Emotions are the glue between energy to neurology to biology. It is the one thing that binds all into one, whole person.

Without emotions there would be no colour, no flavour, no joy of music and all the sensory experiences undertaken daily would cease to exist. As such, it is crucial to never omit emotions. However, the fallacy is to control them. This is a disaster waiting to happen. It is like trying to stop a river mid stream and expect it to do so without recourse.

Every emotion exists for a reason and when ignored this will be layered under another and another until such time that one of the emotions will be addressed. However, if the first emotion is acknowledged and attended to, like the flow of river, it will integrate into something practical and powerful.

Being emotional with understanding and awareness provides greater strength than the most logical person. It is adaptable, connected and has unlimited resources to expand, grow and develop.


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