I Remember

There are some things that occur and have occurred that are so unreal that it is difficult to comprehend that it does in fact exist.

Such stories need to be told, so those that harm others lose their power to control through fear and shame.

This is such a story, written in prose.

I have memories plaguing me. The content so hideous, so cruel and unfortunately all too real.

I struggle to fathom the magnitude as the events swim in my mind over and over. How can someone believe this infliction is justified to do to another person, let alone a baby and child?

I look at parts of my body knowing exactly what has been done and there is nothing I can do to change it. Not one single thing. I cannot and will not forgive such barbaric torture done to me for too many years. And yet, that little, innocent girl desperately wants to scream all of this out to the whole world. While a part of me hides in the shame they have caused me, making my body not feel like my own. They tried to take away my memories, wipe my mind free of their secrets and had succeeded for some time; a long time. However, the truth will always prevail and my body keeps no secrets from me. I struggle to make peace within myself due to the absolute loathing I have for such idiotic evil. I do not fear them. They should fear me. One day my justice will find a way to provide harmony and balance to something that should have never happened to me, or any of the others that still walk in the blindness of memory loss and not understanding why their bodies are in so much pain. I have an intense sadness that this is a burden I still have to bare, for now. There are some that defy the definition of evil into something so profoundly worse.


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