FIRST RELEASE: "When There's Love"





Hally is very excited to have released her song: "When There's Love". With a growing fan base and writing more songs than ever before, it is a great time to hear the sound Hally's is developing. 


Her first released song “When There's Love” was written as the song for her wedding to walk down the aisle. It demonstrates her raw and breath-taking talent; her ability to take a simple note and turn it into magic. This song is a simple and honest sample of what is to come with the release of the next song, to the album from a hugely talented artist.


Hally has written over 50 songs over the years, now focusing on specific new material for her upcoming first album, it is a momentus time to follow Hally's music journey forward. 


Be sure to watch this space, because Hally has some beautiful material coming out very soon and it will be well worth getting your copy. 

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