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  • Completed Masters of Arts (Writing)

  • Author of: Emotional Escape

  • Author of: The Balancing Act

  • Author of: Join the Pieces of Your "Self"

  • Author of: The Book of Inspiration

  • Author of: Motivate Your "Self"

  • Author of: 7 Common Mistakes in Spiritualism

  • Author of: Book of Mirrors

  • Author of: Work Less Succeed More

  • Author of: The Secrets that We Keep

  • Book Compilation - New Years Revolution (chapter 17)

  • Book Compilation - Every Woman Can

  • Book Compilation - Masters Channel EBook

  • Book Compilation - So This is What it Feels Like

  • Written (and writing) numerous songs and  recorded one in 2010



  • Nominated for the Telstra Business Women's Award 3 years running

  • Interviewed on Exorcisms - New York Post

  • Contributor: Bubble Muffin

  • Featured on AMA - Ask Me Anything

  • Featured on Deep Sleep Co

  • Interviewed on Health Professional Radio

  • Interviewed for Sydney Morning Herald

  • Contributor: The Social Conscience 

  • Contributor: Ultimate You Magazine 

  • The V & Show Magazine 

  • Contributor: Geelong Blabbertiser 

  • Hally's Content Featured in Article - 5 WAYS TO BE LESS SELF CONSCIOUS

  • Y Magazine May Issue - Y Mag Feature Pg 40

  • Contributor: Born Organised Magazine 

  • Contributor: Viva La Vegan

  • Featured on KTPF Paranormal Radio UK: 14TH NOV – LIVE

  • Featured on Adventures in Manifesting

  • Part of Masters Channel Group Collaboration EBook: MASTERS CHANNEL EBOOK

  • Featured on Creative Women in Business: CHIZELLE INTERVIEWS HALLY

  • Featured on Chizelle re: Spiritual Sexuality

  • Interviewed by Kylie Saunder: INTERVIEW ON INTUITION

  • Latest Article on Simple Divorce Advice: USE THE SPIRITUAL

  • ​Monthly Article on Pagan Pages

  • Write up on New Book/EBook: BOOK OF MIRRORS


  • Featured in Psyhub: LET EGO GO

  • Featured on Essentially Me Magazine: REMEMBER TO BREATHE

  • Featured on I’m not Fussy: WHEN DID LYING BECOME THE NEW TRUTH

  • Interviewed on Light-workers and Business

  • Featured as a guest Blogger on Women of Facebook: A HEALTHY MOTIVATION

  • Interviewed for Domain on Paranormal & Exorcisms

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