Writing is one of those things that has been with me for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory was of a time where, still today, I can see myself with a postcard I found and recall not knowing how to spell, so I wrote some letters and numbers together, pretending that it made sense. I was two at the time.


I learned to read and write German when I was four, having gone to school understanding English but only speaking German. It was a bizarre experience, to say the least. 


Then throughout my teens, plagued with depression and in an environment filled with abuse and bullying, writing became the "thing" that saved me, over and over again. Because I had no privacy, creative writing became the perfect medium to say how I felt without spelling out that every character I wrote about was me.


When I was in Year 12, I recall my English teacher did not like me, or rather did not like the fact I was "different". My name (my adoptive name) was much longer and unsuiting of me, which created barriers before I even walked into the room. Then my viewpoint on how words flowed clashed with the racist, religious teacher, that admitted to marking me down throughout the year, irrelevant that I was taking Advanced English and did well in the overall exam. Every other teacher could see my passion and aptitude for language and words, so I couldn't understand his marking of my work.


I wrote a lot of prose poetry, very dark and graphic, reflecting how I was feeling. Suffering from chronic depression it touched on subjects I later discovered had actually happened to me years before. 

As I got older and entered a career I did not want but decided to make the best of it as it provided me some financial freedom, I went into song writing. I was the only one in my adoptive family of the children that could sing or had any musical ability. This should have been an indication of my adoption but it isn't something that is considered when this is all you know.


While my career continued, I found writing came in the version of policies, procedures, streamlining documents through to contracts of employment, performance management plans, business plans, training plans, human resources policies - in another words, all things business. I had started climbing the corporate ladder and was extremely ambitious. I had my first senior management role, working as a 2IC to a multi-million dollar company, at 24. I was a financial controller by the time I was 30 and I started my own business shortly after.


My writing re-entered my life some several ago when I decided to undertake my Masters in Writing. During and after this I published 7 self help books, one short story and my recent release in prose poetry. Included in this is over 30 songs, and hundreds of articles, as a subject matter expert, published on various websites across the globe for a number of years now 


Writing is simply part of me; it is an extension and expression of all that is. I push the boundaries to create different feelings for my readers and in some, even change to the way a person thinks. Language has always been a fascination of mine as has behaviour. To share my work is an honor and for any of my work to resonate with even one person, it means that I have achieved my goal as a writer. Enabling an emotional response is my aim and my privilege.

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