Hally is passionate and artistically eccentric which provides the basis for endless creations; some of which are based on her work and others based on her own intensive journey. Hally's books reflect this endless determination to help any and every person through a number of mediums.

Hally has extensively studied, holding a Masters in Writing, various qualifications in behaviour, therapy and well being disciplines, as well as covering further accreditations in finance, human resources, training and management. Hally has published 9 books to date and was part of four book collaborations around the globe. This is in addition to being featured internationally for countless articles, guest posts and interviews for her expertise in behaviour, metaphysics, therapeutic methods and shamanism.


Hally fulfils  some of this passion through her business - The WellBeing Practice. Hally created Neuro-Metaphysics and Environmental Energetics Design; more recently introducing Behavioural Pain Management and techniques to reduce depression, anxiety, remove trauma as well as always finding a way to help even when no one else could. 

Hally is a talented writer, with an ability to bring any sentence to life and is honoured to assist the many along the way which have realised that Hally, as a Shaman, has rare albeit comprehensive gifts to help them.


Hally lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family.