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Welcome to: "Hally Knows"?

Hally shares...

""Hally Knows" came about through the creation of my podcast where it would provide a platform to share the parts of my rather strange practices within the 'norm'.


This in itself came from many clients asking me to share the idiosyncrasies that only I know about within my speciality areas. I can sit here and endlessly list the topics within the  subject matter and still there would be more. The easiest way to explain this is that my world is within the world of worlds.

"Consequently, the more I delved into this the more it felt necessary to take further - beyond the practice of my business, The Wellbeing Practice, beyond the creativity of my music and being an author, and into what this becomes when I deliver the combination in a way that harnesses all of this. 

"Some of my areas: (in brief)

  • Behaviour and Behavioural Change

  • Therapy, Coaching, NLP, Counselling

  • Metaphysics and Existentialism

  • Energetics and Environmental Energetics

  • Business - Operations, Marketing & People

  • Spiritualism & psychic development

  • Neuroplasticity & Neurometaphysics

  • Healing & Parapsychology

  • Music - writing, playing, creating

  • Fitness and Health

  • Aromatherapy

  • Writing - all genres & publishing

And the list goes on... 

Consider This... 

"Then include over 25 years in business, 15 years of running my own business, over 16,000 contact hours with clients, continued study, rebirth, near death experiences, enlightenment, overcoming chronic illnesses, an abusive marriage, death, trauma, being drugged, having my memory wiped, rape,  and finally admitting that while my path has seen much darkness, it can offer so much light to those that need and want a way out. 

Welcome to "Hally Knows". Sometimes, I just do".

"One of the greatest assets we have which is often overlooked, undermined and omitted is our knowledge and collected IPS (intellectual property of self"

"Hally Knows" is the evolution of years in business and the well being industry to now provide personalised solutions through the diversity and elaborate knowledge base that Hally has acquired. 

"Hally Knows" offers a fresh insight, perspective and an element of the heart to inspire honesty, integrity and provide a place where being real, being human, is safe enabling healing and growth towards something greater. 

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the philosopher

The Philosopher

Hally the Philosopher

There is another aspect to the "Hally Knows" and this is the philosopher and existentialist that Hally is, with the knowledge, wisdom, insatiable hunger to always know more and seek answers to questions yet to be formed let alone asked. 

Due to Hally's exploration into the deep, deep depth of Metaphysics, Behaviour, Energy and Energetics, Mental Health, Parapsychology, Paranormal and the multitude of layers in between, Hally became a subject matter expert some years ago. However, like all growth and evolution, there is always more - more to learn, more to explore, more to share and teach. 

Another part of this, often dressed within the confines of self-help, is the comprehensive understanding of pain, emotional pain, physical pain, the myriad of versions of pain possible within the human existence - whether literal human or from the soul to the human. 

True philosophy cannot be gained or shared without the complete immersion within the concepts, within the wisdom and how it is attained. It is the first hand experience that enables this to become more than a lecture of facts; it enables this to become specific and personalised to every individual curious enough to ask questions about themselves. 

Hally has shared her philosophical approach for many years with many clients and people alike. It is unique and specific to the person, experiences, skills, attributes that is Hally.


'In darkness light can be found' is a typical thing to see on social media and yet, it is not as simple in practice. If it was, then why are so many still in pain, still suffer mental illnesses and still consider suicide? Because darkness, like light, flows, moves, changes; and looking for a crack, a glimmer of hope, does not mean this is what will come. Hence, the hidden philosophy within the understanding of popular "feel good" terminology. 

For some, this is perfect and ideal. For others, it provides an avenue of dissatisfaction and the need for more answers. This is where Hally can help. 

What is Philsophy & Existentialism

Philosophy is seen to the be study of such questions about existence, values, purpose, how the mind works often referring to previous practices and philosophers' interpretations. 

Consider the question why am I here now? Some will take it as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, however, what if it is the right place at the right time without proper understanding or alignment?

NB: historical philosophers have been noted as male, however, there have been countless female philosophers that have contributed to the way of thinking today.


Existentialism is the thinking that we can act freely and believes that reason (or logic or rational thinking) cannot answer, nor should it answer, the complexities of life. It looks at the person as an individual and complete within itself rather than humans as a whole. 

The value within this means that while there is a fundamental that everything is connected, it does not diminish that each person is a universe within themselves capable of extraordinary things removing the social pressure of learned and limited beliefs. 

Consider the example of being defined by a career and when the career ceases to exist, the person and their identity comes into question. 

One Step Further...

One thing that Hally rarely discusses is her abilities "gifts" and the extent of them. When these surpass the general understanding of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, etc, and evolve beyond what Google has to offer, what does this become? 

And here we are... Hally the Philosopher, the out of the box creative practitioner, taking a fresh approach to contribute what this life ,and all the ones before, have provided to her. 

The question is - what would you like to know or gain help with that will positively impact who you are today, tomorrow and into the future?